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How to Fight Terrorism : Indian Terrorism requires Technology, Training and Psychological Warfare

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1st Strategy

If you alienate one religon that way you will feed them more , terrorism does not shy away from fear or public ridicule , instead they get fueled more.


You need to see how to break down their thinking, their back bone of anger and rage.

We need to think alternatively. economic progress and keeping everybody involved in their busy life and making people feel they have equal oppertunity is one way to nullify terrorisim.Secondly which is too futurisit for year 2008 however will become status qou of comming century is elimination of all religions practices and should not allow religion to perpetuate. Which these leader like Hindu and Muslim or even Christians religious leader exploit peoples mind to create violence. Spread culture of aethisim


2nd  Terrorism is a mental disease


Guys don’t undermine human rights , their are america and uk where the islamic extremist only started raging after they were corenerd. A cornered cat will bite really hard. Treat every human being as equal and use law to discrimnate as to who get punished , forming judgments will only fuel this terrorisim more , you are giving fuel to them to recruit more.


Terrorisim is pscology its not as simple as it seems.


If in the world every body was busy and had things to do of their daily life , no body will leave their happy economic progress life to become terrorist.


Think again. Terrorism is a mental disease


Short Term Approach


Modern terrorism comes planned , these guys study every thing for months even years before they plan their attacks. If we need to defend ourselves and that too in a moments notice we need to have

a) Training which is one of the best like Israels or American SWAT teams

b) Technology gadgets like , night goggles , remote vehicles for visions , highly automatic weapons, electronic gadgets.

c) Probably opening up anti terrorist initiatives to private sector , where these guys get the best people in the world with the world top most materials and technologies . Govt cannot keep up with terrorist abilities we need more skilled private sector to step in and provide service of world class defense at a cost.


d) We need to break Terrorists, their feeding system, their funding sources, we need to morally break them down. The best way to morally break somebody down is by doing unexpected. Some body said torture them on TV ,that will give them more material to create more terrorist and motivating them. Do you think these people fear from anything. These people are very angry and very frustrated. We need to divide and rule them. The leaders form terrorist are very different from the actual guys on the ground who do terrorism they are brain washed by their leaders , they feed on these young peoples anger , frustration, fear and show them light of end of the tunnel by making them do violent activities which they firmly believe will help their mankind in greater good.



We need Technology, Training and Psychological Warfare


Politician can do little , we need to stand up to the leadership and take responsibility of security of our world and human kind.


/ Puneet


PS: THis has been written in light of Nov 2008 Mumbai,India Terrorist attacks