Money As Debt: Conspiracy Theory answers

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2008 at 10:28 pm

Observation and solutions to this video of ” Money as Debt” its on the lines of ‘zeitgeist’

1.  Obviously his proposed solutions have  a fundamental flaw.
2. Human beings are greedy , we want to have more , we want to grow(in all forms ).
3. This system proposes that the human beings stop growing.
4. Economy has two facets:
1. Resource consuming
2. Non Resource Consuming ( media , entertainment , service sector)
5. Currently these two are linked and NRC eventually gets converted in RC in some because one buy car buy house etc with funds created by NRC and usual.
6. Infinite growth is fine it address human basic instinct mentioned in point 2.
7. However infinite consumption of Resource is not fine poses grave threat.
8. Our challenge is to go into a perpetual resource cycle. Like a super conductor resource system. A renewable resource system.
9. Our Economy keeps growing ( basically we move to NRC for growth) and resource consumptions is perpetual or in harmony with nature(earth).
10. A resource system which can sustain demands by not increasing its size.
11. To develop this I am sure our socienty will catch with it by developing required technologies .
12. First stage will be partial Self Sustenance for human society.
13. Second stage will be complete self sustenance.
14. Recycling , Nuclear fusion etc will drive the way.

But still plant colonization is not far away another 100-200 years , so resource consumption can also be addressed just incase the perpetual Resource System requires feeding once in a while.

And for now , growth of economy can be reduced by reduced interest rates that keeps tap on global addition of debt money. Also we have cyclical economy dips which drop the overal growth curves.

– Puneet


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