My Prime Thoughts

Since we are here to share the thoughts here are some of my prime thoughts
I am believer of :
a) Liberalization
b) Atheism ( Religion is opium for masses )
c) Violence strategy to be used with caution. Violence sets example for more violence. We human beings will require it till human beings are devoid of their basic instinct of inflicting physical harm when threatened. No wonder Gandhi is considered a genius
d) One Global country , eventually I believe with the rise of global economy in the next 50-100 years physical countries boarders will disappear leading to economic zones divided purely based on economic and thinking ideologies.( This is my personal theory )
e) Resource of earth are running out , we are heading for big global war if we don’t change our lifestyles or stop copying American way of living. Especially developing countries aspiring for higher standards of living. Example In India alone if half of the people imitate the US consumption and emissions we will shoot the CO2 level out of the roof , destroying the Earths habitat. ( ref: Inconvenient truth by Al Gore )

Anyways getting back to defense and its role in our daily life , I will be glad to hear your comments.

My other interests : Radio Control Flying , Entrepreneurship , Leadership Study, External Affairs Politics , Human Courtship Psychology , Public Speaking.



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